Barcelona squad are angry about the state of the Camp Nou tu
Barcelona squad are angry about the state of the Camp Nou tu
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Despite getting three points against Alaves in their LaLiga Santander opener on Saturday, 3mbet it wasn't an easy match for Barcelona and it's come to light that the team and coaching staff are particularly unhappy about the state of the Camp Nou pitch.Many areas have bald spots where the sand is visible, and given the nature of Barcelona's precision passing game, having irregular grass is not acceptable. A discussion in the dressing room was that the pitch hasn't been this bad for years, and the most surprising thing is that it's happened on the first day of league competition and after the pitch hasn't been used in almost three months.3mbet Yes it's true that three days beforehand the Joan Gamper Trophy was played, but the Camp Nou pitch is accustomed to having two games a week played on it very often. The heat suffered in Barcelona, very intense in recent days, doesn't serve as an excuse either.There's another 15 days before the game against Huesca, and there will be time until then for the club to work on the improvement of the turf.Thereafter, there'll be no games played on it for 20 days thanks to internationals. 3mbet
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