adapts to all african hair styles and hair
adapts to all african hair styles and hair
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a soft hair
interlace your hair to hair length to create a large effect with hair and the hair. take him down below a neck accessoirisé hair jewelry, but also at the top of the head for a more sophisticated. another option for getting out of the fans once again curls hair, woven into two braids off on the top of the head.

graph, fuzzy, asymmetric, or crown, adapts to all african hair styles and hair at all. follow our advice to the post without mistake and take our photo gallery. ... -Hair.html

why do we fall?
because the braid is ideal for those who want to play with the volume of the hair. more or less tight or loose, it can be. but also looks a little graphics and more bohemian life. the other strong point, highlight the contrast of méchés buy lace wigs UK hair.

how to achieve it?
take a lock of hair, and separate it into three sections are equal. a first node and a ground are classical. then add to each node in a small part of the rest of your hair.
what version?
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