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Jeff Keppinger Jersey
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More employers are requiring that their employees undergo a drug test. Even though many people are opposed to this practice Mat Latos Jersey , there are several benefits that can be reaped from drug testing in the workplace. Below are some of the ways businesses can benefit from a drug-testing policy:

Work Place Safety

Employers are responsible for making sure that the workplace is safe for everyone. People who use drugs not only put themselves in danger, but they can also endanger the lives of other people. Furthermore, many jobs Luke Appling Jersey , such as construction work and truck driving, are dangerous to perform even if a person is sober. Drug-testing employees is one of the best things that employers can do to keep the workplace safe.

Employees who do not use drugs are much less likely to have accidents. On the other hand, employees who use drugs are nearly four times more likely to have an accident while at work. They are also five times more likely to file a workers compensation claim.

Increased Productivity

Studies have shown that implementing a drug-testing policy can help increase productivity in the workplace. People who use drugs are more likely to show up to work late. They are also more likely to miss days of work because of an illness or accident. Additionally Luis Aparicio Jersey , employees who use drugs often have trouble completing tasks or concentrating while at work. Businesses often lose money because employees are not as productive as they could be.

More Qualified Employees

Every employer wants to hire people who will contribute to the success of the business. Employers who require that potential candidates undergo a drug test prior to getting hired increase their chances of finding qualified employees. Drug-testing makes it easier for employers to screen out candidates who would not be a good fit for the job position.

Save Money

Investing in drug-testing can help employers save a lot of money. Drug-using employees can cost businesses a lot of money because they are often unreliable. If these employees get hurt and file a workers compensation claim, then businesses are required to spend even more money. Furthermore, drug use increases employee turnover. That is why employee drug testing is definitely a worthwhile investment.

Many people underestimate the importance of employee drug-testing. Drug-testing helps businesses save money Jose Quintana Jersey , and it also allows them to select more qualified employees. Drug-testing also increases productivity in the workplace and helps keep the environment safe.

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4: To ensure that every company is properly licensed and insured ? do not hire a company that is not properly licensed or insured. You never know when it will occur during transport licenses and insurance, need to protect you and your vehicle.

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