2k20 new my livelihood with ATL I hit the shot
2k20 new my livelihood with ATL I hit the shot
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Postby Megaomgchen » Thu Jul 16, 2020 7:54 am

2k20 new my livelihood with ATL I hit the shot that gave us the W against the Lakers using 1.5 sec staying, they had workouts, then Davis moves to LeBron, LeBron shots, and 2k20 buy mt hits the scores. It occurred to me, thought it was amusing to tell. Without jokes, probably when I struck Legend 1 on 2k16, and every Park game I played 16, I miss that game. I remember my buddy sending me a chunk of him losing into the computer on a complete court heave, shits hilarious.I remember my buddy sending me a chunk of him losing to the computer on a full court heave, shits hilarious.I mean you cant take it in a terrible way, I laugh about it, its only a game, also I remembered one guy that shared on Reddit exactly the same thing, but in the first game of mycareer in which you're supposed to win.

NBA 2K suspends all online play to virtue signal Black Lives Matter protests

As a little boy I was taught racism was poor and to treat everyone alike. Now I am nearly 40 and I am so thankful I have these shrewd organizations to hammer that point for me.Yeah, as they virtue signal as tough as they can as a racist knee-jerk response to an event that may or may not have been racist ('duhhhhh why else would a white guy hurt a black person if not racism'), regardless of showing everybody a real, tangible problem that SHOULD BE the story on the mainstream news, social networking, etc.: The state/government/police have a killing innocent people difficulty, and a part of the reason is the legal and cultural defense all cops get, including ones who don't deserve it.

But instead of raising a MASSIVE STINK concerning that, no, let us just virtue sign about racism and gaslight society with this insistence that 2020 America has a supremacist problem that best place to buy mt 2k20 is severe. As it's not as if the vast majority of Americans ALREADY AGREE that racism is bad or anything. God, I f**king hate this misfire. This could have been an chance to trigger some ACTUALLY USEFUL, LEGAL AND/OR CULTURAL CHANGE within our police departments, but instead it is this.
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