Atletico Madrid negotiate with Eric Olhats, Griezmann's form
Atletico Madrid negotiate with Eric Olhats, Griezmann's form
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Directors at Atletico Madrid are currently in talks with Antoine Griezmann's former agent and advisor Eric Olhats in an attempt to sbobet ทาง เข้า convince him to join the club's scouting department.The Frenchman has a 15-year CV as a scout, recruiter and member of Real Sociedad's technical committee. sbobet ทาง เข้า He is also the man who discovered Griezmann and was responsible for bringing him to the Basque club in 2005.Olhats also served as Griezmann's agent until he was replaced by the player's sister and then he became an adviser.Last summer, he also left his position as adviser to focus on scouting.Four years after Griezmann left for Madrid, their paths could cross again, this time in the Spanish capital. sbobet ทาง เข้า
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