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With her new album Songs of Transience released in December Benny Snell Jr. Youth Jersey , singer-songwriter Cheer Chen kicks off her tour around the country. Provided to China Daily
Here's a singer-songwriter who enjoys great popularity without overexposure. Chen Nan reports.

While some stars enjoy keeping themselves busy and getting as much media exposure as possible, Cheer Chen is one of the few singer-songwriters who manages to be both popular and maintain a low profile.

With her refreshing sound, and an intimacy she is able to foster with the crowd in her live shows, she is popular among wenyi qingnian, referring to young Chinese people who love literature and art.

She has more than enough charisma to ensure that she sells out quickly every time she plays, whatever the scale of the show and the promotional campaign. Her latest shows are no exception.

With her new album, Songs of Transience, released in December 2013 Justin Layne Youth Jersey , the 38-year-old Chen kicked off her tour in Taiwan, Hong Kong and will come to Beijing on March 15, which will be followed by concerts around the mainland.

Along with her previous two albums, Peripeteia and Immortal, Songs of Transience marks the ending of Chen's music trilogy, Cheer Chen's Flowers, which symbolizes a process - that of decay, rebirth and blossoming.

"The trilogy witnesses my change during the past 10 years and kind of gives it a conclusion Diontae Johnson Youth Jersey ," Chen says.

When she came up with the idea of making the trilogy, Chen says that she planned to give it 10 years since she knew that she writes songs slowly.

"Time is crucial for my music. It brings vitality," she says.

Songs of Transience, which was released four years after her last album, is, as Chen describes, like "an arrogant rose in my garden", which takes listeners time to smell its fragrance.

In her usual style Devin Bush Youth Jersey , the new album sums up her experiences and meditations during the past few years. Chen also included many sounds of Taiwan in the album in each song, such as car horns, rainfall and footsteps.

At 3 am, Chen went to the seashore with a microphone to record the sound of the ocean waves. It was dark and she was scared.

"But somehow I was tempted by the fear," she says.

"It's the same emotion as when I am about to step onstage. I am frightened by the crowds, the lights, but I enjoy singing on a chair among them."

She also recorded the sound of the airport, which recalls lots of memories for her. During childhood Joshua Dobbs Womens Jersey , her father took her and her younger brother there to watch airplanes take off and land.

"The most beautiful scene of Taiwan is its people, who are warm, nice and positive. Despite natural disasters, such as earthquakes and hurricanes, they keep their strength and vitality," she says. "I really appreciate that I was born and am living here."

During the concert, the singer, who first made a name for herself among Taiwan's university student fans with her folk music Cameron Sutton Womens Jersey , poetic lyrics and soft vocals, will perform songs from the six albums she released since signing to Taiwan label Magic Stone Music in 1996, including her debut album, 1998's Let Me Think, and soft-rock album Groupies in 2002.

Chang Tieh-chih, music critic and writer from Taiwan, once said: "Undoubtedly, Chen represents Taiwan's indie music scene Joe Haden Womens Jersey , even Taiwan's indie culture, during the past 10 years.

"Her third album, Groupies, brought her career to a peak, which matches well with the rise of Taiwan's indie music scene, with young people becoming more and more enthusiastic about real and individual sound.

"It was also that period of time which had singer-songwriters such as Deserts Chang and indie band Sodagreen become the idols of young people."

Due to her record company shutting down, Chen went quiet for a couple of years before returning with her first English single, Sentimental Kills Javon Hargrave Womens Jersey , in limited copies through her own record label in 2003.

Chen's album Peripeteia won two Golden Melody awards for Best Music Album Producer and Best Music Video.

"I used to write songs that were light and easy to understand but later I tried to focus on some emotions that are hard to understand, a little bit dark and evil," says Chen. "You may not figure out what I'm trying to express straightaway, but if you've had similar experiences, you'll have a closer connection to this music."

According to Timothy Xu, CEO of Sony Music's entertainment branch in China, unlike any other singer-songwriter, Chen enjoys a simple life with no weibo (China's micro blog) and rarely goes online. Her biggest entertainment besides music is reading books.

"She once told me that one of her favorite books is Robinson Crusoe. She read the book when she was young and she likes the feeling of wandering on the ocean Sean Davis Womens Jersey , turning tragic stories into romance," says Xu. "That's why her music is so comforting to listeners and withstands the test of time."

KATHMANDU, June 23, 2016 (Xinhua) -- Nepalese women plant rice seedlings at a field in Kathmandu, Nepal, June 23, 2016. As the monsoon season begins, Nepalese people start planting rice paddies. Most of them depend on the rain water for irrigation. (XinhuaSunil Sharma)

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