, no matter how appealing that may be
, no matter how appealing that may be
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The iteration on the design of the ETL architecture entails the determination of the of the hardware and software technologies that are in requirement while building the ETL system. The common mistakes that many people do while building ETL systems or any such technology is that they hurriedly jump into coding and procuring technology solutions before they can think about the needs of their companies (El-Sappagh Devin White Jersey , Hendawi, & El Bastawissy, 2011). In this session on designing an ETL system, my plan involved identifying the sources that I need to extract the data, identifying the warehousing technology, identifying the analytical skill level of the organization in question, that is, Informatica developer. That would take place within a period of two weeks of doing a thorough research to understand those requirements as I also interact with some of the company鈥檚 ETL developers for more assistance.
In the first week running from August 8, 2016 Buccaneers Kids Jersey , through to August 12, 2016, I planned to think about three major things and those included understanding the organizational requirements, auditing the data sources of the organization, and determining the approach that would be leveraged during data extraction. In the second week running from August 15, 2016, through to August 19, 2016, I planned to design for two things also including the design of the data cleansing machine and to manage the ETL processes. Accomplishing these five tasks Buccaneers Youth Jersey , according to me will be an accomplished task of adequately and effectively designing an ETL system for Informatica that meets its needs in data extraction, transport, and loading.
The talks of designing an ETL process for the organization in question was preceded by coming up with a lust of objectives that would guide me through the whole process so that it would be easy to determine the deliverables at every point in the iteration. On August 8, 2016, I then embarked on the very first task of the first week, and that entailed understanding the organizational requirements in light of the ETL system being designed. That also helped to determine why the ETL system was a priority for the organization at that time. In that process, I had to understand the sources of data, the data usage, and the latency so as to design the most appropriate ETL system tailored to the organizational needs. In the second item of the first week involving auditing the data sources Buccaneers Womens Jersey , I had to build a profile of all the data sources that the organization is used.
Before the first week ended, I also ensured that I determine the approach that would be sued for the data extraction for all the multiple data sources identified. That entailed identifying the sources from which the data would be execrated and the methods for the extraction. I began on August 15, 2016, to build the data cleansing machinery. I am identified, with the help of the company鈥檚 ETL developers the technologies for the data cleansing machinery in the area of restructuring data, data typing, and data schema evolution. In the final stage of the design process for the ETL architecture, I figured out the functionality that would be in the requirement to manage the ETL processes. Those functionalities included job scheduling, monitoring Black Buccaneers Jersey , recovery, ETL testing, and security.
A comprehensive ETL architecture that is comprised of things such as mission, vision, goals, services, capabilities, objectives, activities Buccaneers Jersey Sale , roles, requirements, physical components, and technical components is a holistic thing (De Giusti, Lira, & Oviedo, 2011). I observed during this research that, talking about the servers and middleware or network technologies, no matter how appealing that may be Cheap Buccaneers Jersey , will never help to solve business problems.

De Giusti, M. R., Lira, A. J., & Oviedo, N. F. (2011). Extract, Transform and Load architecture for metadata collection. In VI Simposio Internacional de Bibliotecas Digitales (Brasil, 2011).
El-Sappagh, S. H. A. Buccaneers Ali Marpet Jersey , Hendawi, A. M. A., & El Bastawissy, A. H. (2011). A proposed model for data warehouse ETL processes. Journal of King Saud University-Computer and Information Sciences, 23(2), 91-104.
Hamilton, B. (2007). SQL Server integration services. O'Reilly Media,

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