How to find a 30 years old guy?
How to find a 30 years old guy?
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Postby lika » Sat Aug 17, 2019 10:32 am

How to find a 30 years old guy?
I'm not a supporter of online Dating, always when guys were added with proposals to meet on the social network, just ignored. But one day, when a young man was added to me, I decided to take a chance. Was poperepisyvatsya with him, but soon realized that he was not interesting to me, bored with him, I was with him was somehow not comfortable. At first, I tried to give him another chance, communicate through force. I'm not saying he's a bad man, I just don't like him,but I soon got tired of it. Every day he wrote me:"hi, how are you?)", I answered dryly out of decency, then just started to ignore him. You can see the guy understood what to expect from me nothing, and he withdrew from friends. Later I learn that he met and started Dating my friend from uni (small world). We talked very well, but after a while, as she started Dating that young man, she stopped talking to me. Not even Hello. I remember walking past her in the empty hallway and saying,"hi," she pointedly turned away and left without saying anything. And now I'm thinking maybe that guy found out by accident that that girl and I were talking and said some mean things about me in retaliation because we broke up so badly with him. Other I can't assume, the relations before at us with that girl were remarkable. And you as think, what is the reason?
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Postby Kristofer » Thu Aug 22, 2019 9:34 am

Sometimes there are such unpleasant situations. You have broken off communication with a person and he is starting to tune those around him against you. People are evil and petty. Try to find a contact and explain your position. You've done nothing wrong and there's nothing to be offended by.
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Postby Stranik » Fri Aug 23, 2019 1:03 pm

Will a dating site find love? Every person wants to meet his love. Someone takes years to do this, and some just expect that love will surely find them herself. Among all these people there are those who lead a fairly active lifestyle and try to make a lot of acquaintances, maintaining communication with them and hoping that in Of course, the account will meet its fate. There are those who spend a lot of time daily looking at hundreds of candidates on dating sites.
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Postby Fleita » Fri Aug 23, 2019 2:11 pm

I think that you should not attach importance to such trifles. You were not his wife and owe nothing to each other. On the Internet there are good sites for dating for those over thirty. You can go there and select several candidates for yourself. And start talking to them in turn. To marry a decent man older than 30 is quite realistic. Practice shows that young people are in no hurry to build a serious relationship in their third decade of life, preferring to remain single trying to find their true destiny. For some, it just doesn’t work. Here you can not do without psychological analysis and certain characteristics. The Internet today offers great opportunities. If compatriots are not suitable, you can chat with men 30-40 years old from Europe or the USA. Foreign grooms at this age have a slightly different worldview. Many people want it is a serious relationship and not just watch a movie make a massage, have sex and scatter.
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Postby Azli » Sun Aug 25, 2019 3:08 pm

I do not trust dating sites. I think that there are almost only perverts) How can you trust a person in photography. Maybe this is his photo in general. And some even go to new friends in another country ... I would never go for it.
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