wholesale paper making fabric
wholesale paper making fabric
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Product Description
Round yarn polyester paper mill dryer fabric
Dryer fabric is a drying part of wet paper web. The conventional drying system can dry the wet web from 60%
moisture to 2% moisture with help of drying fabrics. drying fabrics play an important roll for giving a final shape
and parameters to the paper drying fabrics are also known as conveyor Belts. The sheet is mechanically pressed
against the drying cylinders. These days these drying fabrics are also in use of Silent drive system in dryers.
The selection of these dryer screen is depending on the paper grades, dryers configuration, dryers temperatures
and many more parameters. Our drying fabrics have an average running life of three to Twelve months (even
more than this which is depending on the usage and many more machine parameters.)
Dryer fabric parameters
Modle of fabricWire Diameter(mm)Density
Air permeability
1.Good contact point.
2.Smooth paper surface.
3.Good centralization and evaporated.
4. Hydrolysis resistance, no felt mark and stronger seam.
5. Increased wear yarn mass enhances abrasion resistance.
1. Widely used in the dry section in paper making processing,drying process of printing and dyeing etc.
2.Suitable for making fine paper,printing and writing,LWC,Newsprint,SCA.
For flat type is able to the superior quality including with special chemical treatment for dirt,sticky and good
maintain evaporation rate.
We are an industrial and trading company,our products are excellent in quality and reasonable in price.
Please fell free to contact us fore more details.
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